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I love creating air plant décor and have decided to turn this hobby into a small business. I thrive to create unique designs that will look great in any home. If there is specific colour, air plant/ design that you would like please let me know and I will make a custom design for you!

Air Plant Care  

Water: While many people believe that air plants need little to no water that is not the truth! Air plants require water 1-2 x a week (misting). Your air plant can be soaked in water once a month, but no longer than 20-mins. Afterwards, leave the plants somewhere to air out and dry. If air plants do not get the chance to dry they will end up rotting due to too much water.

Sunlight: Air plants grow best in an area with bright sunlight. Do not put in direct sunlight by a window as this will get too hot (especially in glass) for your plant. 

Contact us to have a custom terrarium made or to host your own terrarium making class!

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